Friday, January 6, 2012

Power Gift

Hey guys,

Love Colour recently on a new website worked on and I couldn't be more proud to put it up on the blog!

It's called Power Gift it's a Kiwi website that adds a fresh new take on gift cards.

Here's what it does:
- It lets users exchange their unwanted gift cards for cash. For instance you got a gift card or a gift voucher for a store you don't enjoy shopping at, Power Gift will give you cash for it.
- The other thing it does is it lets you buy gift card for stores you love at discounted rates - you can then gift it to others or use it yourself.

So do check it out here! And if you've got a gift card you'd rather get cash for, or if you know you're going shopping in the near future and want to grab neat bargains via discounted gift cards, Power Gift will definitely be of use!