Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LoveColour Vectors: More Networking Icons!

I made some social networking icons - same as last time only this time they are stylized into little blobs...with eyes.
If anyone out there wants to use these for their site or blog or whatever go right ahead, download link here.
(Please don't forget to link back if you use them online).

FYI: Look out for the next vector giveaway - I'm planning to make a brand new wallpaper.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ad of the Week

You may have seen this one before and if not - you're likely to enjoy it. It's in our basic human nature to take care of and nurture little children which is where the idea of 'cute' comes from. The truth is that in the world of advertising 'cute' is powerful and effective. Arguably even up there with humour.
This week's ad uses the above-mentioned idea quite effectively! The product advertised has infact zero connection to what's being shown in the advert and yet it still managed to pull it off! Have a look: