Sunday, March 7, 2010

LoveColour Feedback

As mentioned in The Plan, I am planning to update my website and I asked several people (mostly professional designers) for some feedback regarding my site. Some comments were positive some were negative and some were downright brutally honest.

The most important thing to mention here though is that all of them were equally embraced with open arms, all posted right here and ofcourse all uncensored. Wanna know what people think of my artwork? Here it is!

Graphic Design Forum

"There are 3 links on the page it feels odd that they are all to the left of the page. Are you planning to add something to the right?"

"Your portfolio - it would be nice if there was a next button instead of having to click back and then to the next piece."

"Your bench and contact booth illustrations are very good realism wise- but the fountain one ceases to really shine."

"Sorry, but the initial load was way too long, and I clicked away."

"I love the illustrations and the layout of the site, but I had to wait forever for it to load."

"As to your portfolio pieces, I think the colors are very nice and you show good artistic style, however need work on the communication and details."

"I agree it took a while to load (but I walked away and it loaded by the time I came back). I like your illustrations and you have some nice work there."

"If your goal is to become a digital artist I think you show great promise."

"Having a subtle menu on the top or bottom isn't a bad idea for people to fall back on."

"The zoom feature threw me off, why is it there?"

"Loaded in about 50 seconds - I would have clicked away normally. Would like to be able to click a 'next' button to take me through the designs."

"Choose a style, and try to retain it in all aspects of the illustration, and the illustration as a whole. Color schemes are nice to use too. A lot of colors going on- primarily the very detailed skyline.

Could check something like this out for inspiration:"

Source: Yahoo Answers

"It looks awesome, really! How did you do it? I am serious, it looks amazing"

"Your website is very nice and quite well done in Flash. At such an early age you have done a wonderful job. Not to forget you still have a long way to go, your current work shows the sign of upcoming hardcore professional."

" Try making an XHTML version and offer the user choice to switch between XHTML and Flash version."

"You seem to have knowlegde of SEO and if you are a Freelance Designer you may need to market your site. So making it in DIV based layout will help you get good traffic and maybe clients too."

"It took little more time to load in my machine. Try to optimize the loading time of you Flash version. Remember, not everyone will wait for it to load. Internet connections are not too fast in every parts of world."

!!Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to place this feedback on my site. It will be a vital source of information to be referred to when I will be upgrading my site. I greatly appreciate this!!


As I was overloaded with an enormous amount of assignments and design-related projects outside of uni I was unable to complete my web-site upgrade on time. Sorry everyone! This will have to be postponed until a later date - will hopefully have it finished by the end of this semester.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ad of the week

This one aired a couple of years ago and I remember thinking how cool it was. Made right here in New Zealand, this week's top ad goes to the Vodem Freedom of Movement campaign. Check it out below: