Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Plan

Today is the last day before going back to uni and I can honestly say that getting here wasn't simple. Waking up at 7.30 six days a week and working 40-50 hour weeks was just the beginning. As I reflect on the past few months of the summer holidays though, I can't help but to feel satisfied from what I did with my time. Over the holidays I received very sweet job opportunities ranging from both contract and freelance design work (which I'll talk about in more detail in the "Luck vs. Skill" blog post coming up before the end of this month).
And now that the holidays are almost over all the work is still there (obviously on a smaller scale) the one thing that changed is the added pressure from university. So I thought I'd dedicate this small post to discussing what will be happening to the schedule and availability but more importantly the plan for this Blog and the LoveColour Homepage.

First things first. LoveColour is due to be getting a makeover - hopefully completed by the end of March. (See its current state at I asked around for feedback and constructive criticism from amateurs, professionals and complete randoms. All feedback was recorded and yes, I will put up a separate "LoveColour Feedback" post with everything people have said about LoveColour. Of course all completely uncensored. This should be fun.

I will still try to update the blog as often as I can. I will continue to put up the Quote and the Ad of the Week and at least one weekly post.

Free stuff. Right now I'm focusing on Vector Graphics rather than working on internal application elements like brushes, gradients and so on.
The whole 'free giveaway' idea is always a juggernaut. It's quite time consuming and at this point I don't even know myself how often I'll be able to put these up. I can definitely say though that the next vector giveaway will be the 15-or-so Web 2.0 icons but in a completely different, wacky style for those who might fancy. There are more in planning. Also please feel free to comment for any special requests.

In the slightly longer run (3-4 months from now) I'm also planning to introduce brief but consistent content for the recent high school graduates interested in design. Currently on the top of the list are things like posting Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials; discussing everything I wished I knew about the industry before finishing high school; and things I've done that were actually mistakes.

Let's hope this coming year of study won't be impossibly scary. Wish me luck!

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