Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6 Ways to Beat Stress

"The reality is that its everywhere. These days its so rare to gain success worth celebrating without stress."

The trick to being stress-free is finding ways to get yourself into that mindstate where you genuinely want to work hard and strive to succeed. The better you do this the more likely you are to beat stress. Getting there is not easy and certainly takes a great measure of motivation. There are things that work well. And then there are things that work really well. So I decided to compile a list of things that work best for me. Enjoy.

1. Light exercise.
An age old trick. Everyone knows exercise releases endorphins, the stuff that makes you happy. You want to stay as positive as possible during the stressful times. Being in the right state of mind means so much more chances of finding solutions or staying open-minded - this important.

2. Plan of action

If you are in really deep then you need to take some time off before anything else and really figure out the steps needed to be taken to pull yourself out. Most of the time I know what I have to do without having to set aside special time to plan steps. In saying that it is still useful to break it down into smaller milestones because at least this way you know the direction to head in.

3. Reward yourself

Set your mind to finding something you crave for and only permit yourself to having this once you have achieved a goal. This doesn't have to be something really big. Maybe treat yourself to something you don't normally have everyday - again nothing too dear - but rewarding yourself means you can physically feel that you have achieved something, which does get that drive going, especially when there is a large number of tasks to accomplish before you get to the end of that tunnel.

4. Finding the love

This ones a juggernaut. A large number of motivators often say that passion beats all and learning to love the things that bring you down is the key. I am no different with this one and its absolutely true - the idea has pulled me up countless times. As crazy as it may sound - if you learn to love all that pressure from stress it becomes a million times better to deal with it. Not only that, but you may even benefit from it in various ways! Remember to always think big and take stress as a challenge.

5. Music

Whatever tastes you may have - music is amazing. There will always be music that makes you feel good or motivates you. The power of music is a concept that should not be underestimated. Pick the right stuff and listen to it. This is important: when you are listening, always keep in mind that the aim is motivation or even inspiration. Do this whenever you get time.

6. Working hard

Always the bottom line. Whether you're in a good or a bad state give it all you've got. I earnestly believe in this. I think this idea has been overused and overstated. And nevertheless it really does pay off! Sometimes in the long run, sometimes almost instantly. Nomatter what you do if you put in the effort, if you are willing to go the extra mile and if you forget the regular 'it's good enough' then I guarantee you will be rewarded!

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