Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mac on Windows

Start of 2008 - quite frankly I invested in a PC that I am now just mildly regretting. I use a Mac at my workplace and at uni. Dont get me wrong, it's still a beast of a machine - its just that well... it's not a Mac.
So if you're anything like me then you're in luck 'cos I've found a bunch of sweet apps that will allow you to have some those nifty Mac features on a PC.

- Expose

A cool little patch that allows your PC to run Mac's Expose

Get it here

- Making a screenshot selection
There is actaully a program that comes with most versions of Vista that lets you take screenshot selections. Its called Snipping Tool.
Find out more about it here

- Fonts : Mac <--> Windows

The problem with Mac fonts are that most, I find, don't work with a PC.
TransType is a neat app that can juggle between converting fonts for both: PCs and Macs
Get TransType here

- Mac OS

There is are ways to make your Windows OS look almost identical (visually) to OSX.
Article here

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