Monday, February 8, 2010

28 things I believe in.

This is a compilation of principles in life that I feel strongly about. Following them really help. Some I've learned out of my own experience, some - from others. Some are general and some are personal. Here they are:

1. Music heals.
2. Dishonesty, Stealth advertising and Undercover Campaigns backfire.
3. Karma exists and works in a completely logical way.
4. Graphic designers never sleep.
5. Happiness can come out from the simplest of things.
6. Tea.
7. Grabbing every opportunity.
8. Hyping yourself up works.
9. Understanding the future pays.
10. Working on a bed results in higher productivity than from behind the desk.
11. People are the key to opportunities.
12. Failure is a challenge.
13. Supplying with free advice.
14. Creative solutions win. Always.
15. If you are early you're on time. If you're on time you're late.
16. 80/20 principle.
17. 2012 London Olympics Logo may actually be embraced in 2012!
18. Indirect rewards. Pay-offs that are not immediate.
19. Luck is what you get for consistent effort.
20. Writing down your goals increase the chances of achieving them by 25%. (Although a completely made up number, I'd like to think it's not overly far off).
21. 6 hours of sleep is healthier than 8.
22. What I've done today could be done better tomorrow.
23. An open mind is the key to success.
24. Utilising a given resource. Admitting and moving on when it runs out.
25. Constantly finding ways to motivate yourself.
26. Laptops are saviors.
27. Twitter will change the world this coming decade.
28. Rationality is most important.

Thanks for reading. Please comment and let me know what you think!

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